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    Romantic Hug – Digital Painting (Video)

    Romantic Hug - Digital Painting

    This year, for Valentine’s Day, I worked on a digital painting. This is an artwork I also included in my list of Painting challenge pieces. I want my painting challenge list to include all the artworks I am working on this year. Since I started to learn digital painting along with traditional, I want to document this process as well. I know my artworks are not yet very good, I want to include every step I take. I want this blog to also be a personal blog where I can talk about each art piece I create. Some will be…

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    Beginner Artist Mistakes to Avoid

    When you start painting, you will probably make the beginner artist mistakes for sure. And these mistakes are quite common. But the good thing is this is also a part of the art learning process. We all learn from our…

  • Drawing in Illustrator - Selfportrait - Cristina Vivi Art

    Beginner at drawing in Illustrator

    A week ago, I had a sudden idea of starting digital painting and to learn drawing in Illustrator. I am struggling with finding a way in my life. I began my studies with informatics and computer science, but I knew…

  • Valentine's Day Cards - Couple drawing - Valentine's Day Cards
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    Valentine’s Day Cards Idea – Couple Drawing

    For this special day, I wanted to create something simple and easy, as love should be. However, I am not particularly celebrating this day since in Romania we have another special day to celebrate love. Our traditional love day is…

  • Gouache Painting - Neptun Girl - Cristina Picteaza
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    Neptune Girl – Gouache painting 22/300

    Recently I developed a curiosity regarding gouache painting so I decided to give this paint a try. I’ve seen many artists using it for illustrations, botanical art, posters, and pretty much lovely and beautiful artworks. They all stated that they…

  • Loose watercolor painting

    Rainy Day – Loose Watercolor Painting 20/300

    Sometimes you get tired of following too many instructions and clear directions. In those moments, I like to create a loose watercolor painting. The advantages of a painting like this are the fact that you can do whatever you want…