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    How to Draw a Tiger

    Desen cu tigru

    How to Draw a Tiger – Easy tutorial step by step, learn how to draw a tiger face now. This mini-tutorial will help you learn the basics of animal drawings. Materials you will need to create a tiger pencil drawing: a regular pencil paper, A4 an eraser Step by step tiger pencil drawing tutorial Start by drawing a circle. Then draw the ears and the mouth of the tiger. Next, draw two lines, one vertical and one horizontal that goes through the center of the circle. Also, draw the lines of the neck Above the horizontal line draw the eyes…

  • Desen in creion cu elefant

    Pencil Drawing of an Elephant

    Pencil drawing of an Elephant – Learn how to draw an elephant, following these easy steps. You will learn to draw every animal, in a very short period of time. Materials we are going to use for…

  • Pencil Drawing - Panda Bear - Desen in Creion Urs panda

    Pencil Drawing of a Panda

    Pencil drawing of a Panda – Check out this short step-by-step tutorial of a cute panda. Learn to draw a panda, easy, with the following technique. Materials: pencil paper eraser Steps in creating a pencil drawing of…