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Animals that create art
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12 Animals that create Art – Painter Animals

Humans have always expressed and displayed their artistic talents, but what if we tell you that animals can paint too? Check out these 12 cases of animals that create art and paint. With their beaks, trumpets, lips or paws, these animals are known worldwide for their impressive talent.

Most impressive animals that create Art

1 – Pigcasso

The little swine’s story became well known after was rescued from a slaughterhouse. She was saved from extinction from a South African ‘farm’. She loves to eat, sleep, but mostly to paint. And all her creations are used to save more farm animals from being slaughtered. She has her own Facebook page, website, but also her own exhibition.

2 – Smithfield

Smithfield is one of the animals that create art like the master. While Pigcasso has a little rough start in life, Smithfield was blessed to be born in a loving happy right from the beginning. He was smart and willing to learn new tricks every day. Because his mommy had no more tricks to teach him, she gave him a painting brush. This way, the little Smithfield started his artistic journey.

On his website, you can see some of the artworks he used to create.

3 – Dogvinci

Dogvinci is the nickname of Dagger, a puppy that paints like a master. He might have got inspiration from watching his owner, Yvonne, who is an artist. Dagger is also making a little fortune from selling his paintings. We assume he might have more money for treats, but no. This sweet doggy is donating all the money to animal and people charities. He even appeared on Animal Planet and he is teaching children abstract painting. What a good boy!

4 – Jumpy

Jumpy the art dog is one of the most impressive animals that create art. Although he is less inclined to abstract painting, Jumpy is creating amazing artworks. He is guided by his owner in creating beautiful landscapes on canvas. We also get to witness the creative process he is undergoing along with his master. But the wiggle of his tail during the whole process shows how happy he is to work with his owner.

5 – Arbor

Another wiggly tail from our list of lovely animals that create art is Arbor, the Painting dog from Las Vegas. He is a former rescue dog, now painting to help those who are in need. You can see more of this puppy because he is doing charity works for situations such as hurricanes, domestic victims, shelter dogs and so on. Go and follow him on his amazing journey to save the world by subscribing to his Youtube channel.

6 – Hallie, the blind Artist

This is a very sad but inspiring story. Dee Dee Mary, the owner, is a painter and in a boring winter night, she gave her dog, Hallie a brush. To her surprise, the puppy took the brush and started painting right away. The sad part comes when Hallie suddenly lost her vision. However, this didn’t stop her from wanting to paint more. All the doggy’s painting were sold for charities and the dog made more money than the owner herself.

7 – Hong, the painting Elephant

A more controversy case is the case of the painting elephants from Thailand. Many speculated that the animal is forced to create art, so a National Geographic team went to investigate the case. According to their investigation, the animals were not forced or harmed in the process. More than this, Hong was rewarded with fruits for every artwork he did.

8 – Dolphin that paints

We always hear that dolphins are among the smartest animals on this planet. In Las Vegas, there is a dolphin that seems to enjoy painting. His trainer gives him the brush dipped in paint and the mammal is coloring with it on a canvas. As you look more at the talented dolphin you notice the strokes are precise and centered. We keep wondering what was the feeling expressed to those abstract paintings.

9 – Cholla, the painter

This lovely caballine is one of the sweetest animals that create art from our list. In the video footage, a girl is giving her the brush and she knows exactly what to do. She has very firm paint strokes. A real artist!

10 – Roxanne, the parrot painter

Roxanne made her appearance at Petstar and impressed the jury when she made an abstract self-portrait. Check the video of the little bird and her painting.

11 – Lea, the sea lion painter

Another aquatic painter is Lea, the sea lion. The assistant is her trainer Jen DeGroo from the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. Lea creates awesome pieces of art. She receives a lot of fish for every great result she makes.

12 – Sammy, the painter dog

Sammy appeared many years ago on National Geographic TV in the “Dog Genius” show. Back then, his name was Pawblo Picasso of the world.

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