First painting of 2019 "Optimism" Oil paint
Optimism - Painting challenge
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First painting of 2019 “Optimism” Oil paint

Happy New Year everyone!

For this new year, I want to start with a Painting Challenge. I challenged myself to paint every day for 300 days a painting. I believe this method will help me paint and practice more. It’s very important for me to stick to this plan. And hopefully, I will finish this challenge.

Painting challenge 1/300
Painting challenge 1/300

My first painting of this year is not really from scratch because I reused a canvas for this one. I wanted to paint a girl and a reindeer on the canvas but gave up on it eventually. Also, I decided to paint something bright and happy for the first painting of my painting challenge. This oil painting represents a yellow rose. The yellow color symbolizes for me, optimism and joy.

The technique I used is the palette knife method. In the following video I published on Youtube you can see every step I took. This painting is something new for me because I used a loose method of painting. The strokes are carefree. I had no reference image in the beginning because the power went down, but I managed eventually.

I preserved a part of the old painting – the blue part from the background. It inspired me to paint the rose in a sort of frozen world. It looks like the rose bloomed from ice and harsh conditions. This painting symbolizes optimism and power to overcome any obstacle you meet in life. I am very happy with how this painting came out.

Next, you can watch the video of this painting. For each one of these paintings from the Painting Challenge of 2019, I will also film the process. So you can subscribe to my Youtube channel and get notifications on each new painting.