About us


It’s said that the others see you as you see yourself in the first place. It’s also said that you receive the love your believe you deserve and that your are willing to give yourself.

I am Cristina. I’m a painter, self-taught artist and a dreamer.

I believe in my dreams and I think you can do anything if you are committed to believing in your dreams and powers.


I existed from all eternity and behold I am here; and I shall exist till the end of time, for my being has no end.
Kahlil Gibran from ~The Vision Reflections on the Way of the Soul.~

“Love your enemy, and I obeyed, and loved myself”.
~ Khalil Gibran

“Cereti si vi se va da,
cautati si veti afla;
bateti si vi se va deschide!”

But more than anything my life quote are my personal sayings:
“Dream your dream, live your dream!”
“Din vise se construieste realitatea!”

My passions are the painting, drawing, learning, music and traveling. I am studying Japanese and I dream to travel in Japan. I am a programmer and I want to learn web developing and design. I can’t live with only arts, I also need science to live a happy life.

You are welcome on my page. I hope I made your day even if a little better trough my words.
Have yourself a beautiful day.
Thank you.

Details at office (@) cristinapicteaza.com