Bell Peppers Painting in Acrylics on Canvas, Cristina's Painting

Acrylics on Canvas, Bell Peppers Painting in Acrylics

Bell Peppers love

Bell Peppers are the only vegetables I hate to eat, but I did a peppers painting despite that. My system doesn’t accept these vegetables. I don’t like their taste and texture. I always get a nasty digestive response, but regardless this fact, I love the way they look.

I think that those packs of yellow, red, green and orange bell peppers are beautiful. The curvy and round shape of the peppers is lovely as the light gives a shinny effect on the smooth surfaces. I wanted to paint something simple and colorful, without any symbol implied in the process. I just wanted a carefree painting day.

This painting can nicely decorate a kitchen or a wall next to the dinner table. Because I don’t eat bell peppers, I searched for a reference photo from the Internet. I used acrylics paint and triple-primmed cotton canvas.

Useful info

The painting is varnished with a coat of varnish with UV protection. The varnish has a slightly satin effect. Also, the sides of the canvas are painted, so there is no need for another frame. But you could add a frame, if you want a more elegant look of the painting.

To clean the painting, use a clean, dry and soft piece of cloth. Don’t press too hard on the painting. The painting doesn’t come with a hanging accessory.
I hope you like my bell peppers painting and I would like to thank you for reading.
Have a great day!


The painting is available 
Size: 40 cm x 50 cm
Materials: acrylics paint on triple-primmed canvas
Date: January, 2018
The painting is signed on front and back of the painting.
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