Acrylics on Canvas - Underwater Painting in Acrylics - Love & Kiss
Pictura in acrilice - sarut subacvatic

Acrylics on Canvas – Underwater Painting

The Muse must find you working

The underwater painting in acrylics is one of my favorites

There are days when I chase my muse and days like these where the muse accompanies me. The underwater painting of a newly married couple kissing on the ocean floor. I love working with light reflecting through various materials and spaces. This painting literally took a part of my soul.

I began working on it last week, and I worked every day, every day. Every day, after coming from work, I worked on this painting. Even though there is no commission or request for it, I felt the urge to work on it. Sometimes when I begin painting on a piece, I have a frenzied feeling and I work obsessively. But I know that precise moment is the right one to find me working. I feel like a higher window was opened in the sky and I can achieve more than I could ever dream. Part of me believes this feeling is related to the moment of finishing The Dream painting in acrylics.

What I could do..

The artwork The Dream made me realize I can do more of what I want, with a whole lot more patience. Water and sea is a subject I barely use in my painting, maybe, because I live by the sea, and I take this beauty and this “motherland” for granted. But the water, .. I love the water. I love swimming, and bathing and drinking water. There is something forever soothing in the water, like returning to my mother’s wombs. Water is magic.

I searched for reference pictures all over the Internet, and sometimes it takes me a few hours just to search for the photographs that will resonate with my emotions. There were many beautiful pictures with “trash the dress” session featuring sweet couples. I am a romantic person and I chose one with a beautiful kiss and a gorgeous dress. The photo is by the amazing photographer, Diego Munoz. You can see more of his works here.

The emotion

Like I mentioned before, I worked 4 days straight on this painting, and in the last one I was exhausted and felt sick and feverish. But now everything is alright and I can plan my next work. Due to the motivational videos I keep listening to, I build a new mind pattern and adopt new mind behaviors.

While painting this piece I felt all the love I have for my significant other. It felt like this was our “trash the dress” session. I would love to have such a beautiful session. And I paid extra attention to all of the details.
I worked carefully on all of the shapes and lines. Even though it took me more than 14 hours to work on it, I couldn’t feel the time passing by. The underwater painting – “Underwater Kiss” is, right now, one of my favorites paintings I ever did.

This painting is one of the artworks I don’t think I’ll ever be willing to sell off for a small or medium price. It’s too precious for me, especially because I poured in it all my love.
Somehow, after working on it, I feel like I need to refill my energy and my emotions because everything I had is in there.

I hope you like my underwater painting in acrylics. This couple kissing underwater painting is my all time favorite at this moment, and I plan on creating better and more beautiful pieces of art. Thank you for reading and if you like my works, I invite you to subscribe to my youtube channel for painting tutorials and fresh ideas.


There are a few steps I take when I work on each painting.

    1. I used a regular pencil to sketch the two characters. A regular HB pencil is just right for this step.
    2. Feel free to correct any pencil mistakes, but without using a rubber.
    3. Draw a sketch with a round small brush and paint (use a neutral color: a medium grey color)
    4. After that, I usually begin with a layer of diluted/transparent color to define the areas, the dress, skin, background. And to basic, assign each area the base color
    5. I don’t usually work on an area and finish, I prefer to work a little on each zone, this way I control the atmosphere of the entire painting
    6. But there is one part I finished before other and that is the background. (I know other artists leave that part for the final touch, but I prefer to introduce the main subject into the mood using the background)
    7. Next, I worked on the elements in this order: skin, hair, dress, and clothes. After that, I retouched them in the same order.
    8. Using a round, very small brush, (I used nr 000 Milan brush) I create all the small details.
    9. I left for the final touches the little air bubbles

The Underwater Painting in acrylics is available

  • Size: 70 cm x 50 cm
  • Materials: acrylics on canvas, stretched on wood frame
  • The double coat of varnish for protection with slightly glossy appearance.
  • Date: February 2018
  • Signed and date on the front.
  • Details at [email protected] or [email protected]
    Or by filling in the contact form.