Acrylics Painting - The Dream - Butterflies and Galaxies Painting

Acrylics Painting, The Dream – Butterflies and Galaxies Painting

The Dream – The Courage to follow your dreams

Butterflies and Galaxies Painting in Acrylics on Paper

I wanted to paint my dream in acrylics on paper, and this is how this painting was created. The artwork is not about a night dream, but about goals, plans, and dreams you build in your life. This is a painting I began last year, but couldn’t get myself to finish it. I felt like the elements, in that time stage, didn’t fit together too good.

This weekend, I decided to finally finish it, and also, make some important changes. The hair of the girl was fire red, but I wanted something more poetic so I worked on some braids. I really like how the hair comes out. I worked with a very good and small brush for details – Nr 1, Milan. I never knew the powers of such a small brush until now. Now it’s in my top 3 brushes.

The subject of the painting

This painting is about following your dreams, no matter how far they are, and the courage to touch them. No matter how hard a dream might seem, if you’re willing to give your all, you will, for sure, touch it. I worked with acrylics on paper for this painting because it gives me the pleasure of smooth lines and a better flow of the brush.

I am happy I retook the work on this painting because it opened my mind in different directions. I decided to put more effort into painting details and make the painting appear more alive and more real. But I still like to keep that brushy feeling of a painting and not turn it into a real photography. It’s beautiful to paint realism, but I strive my paintings to reach a certain taste of the parallel universe. I want my paintings to appear real, but also mystic.

I’ve always been full of passion for astrology and the study of stars. Meteor showers amaze me every year and I find myself admire the show, even in the coldest winter. I also use a telescope for amateurs to admire the moon. The view at my window allows me to see only 20% percent of the night sky, but soon I will move somewhere really nice and I will be able to watch the sky all the time.

The following details are about my painting. Also feel free to fill the form in the Contact page if you need more details about this painting or other works of mine. I hope you enjoy my Dream – Butterflies and Galaxies Painting and I invite you to subscribe to my youtube channel for more useful video tutorials.


The Butterflies and Galaxies Painting is available
Size: 70 cm x 50 cm
Tools: Acrylics on paper
Date: February 2018
Info at [email protected] / [email protected]