Acrylics Painting Tutorial - How to paint like Bob Ross a seascape?
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Acrylics Painting Tutorial – How to paint a seascape?

Acrylics Painting Tutorial with Video

How to paint a seascape in acrylics?

This time I decided I would film my painting process and I used my camera. I filmed how to paint a seascape on canvas. I used my Nikon 3100 and I found out that this type of camera can only film 10 minutes, so I had to film everything in around 6 videos.

Next time I will edit the videos and glue everything together because editing each video on Youtube is a bit of a waste of time. Anyway, I also edited them to play in timelapse, so the real speed of the video would be at around 0.5. Each video is around 5 minutes long.

I will also publish here the playlist with the videos. I got inspiration from the lessons of Bob Ross. He is a famous painter and has valuable lessons for those who wish to learn to paint. I picked the “Waves of Wonder” episode from season 15. it’s a painting with waves, clouds, and beach. So let’s see how to paint like Bob Ross!

Painting steps:

  1. I split the canvas into two using paper tape. This way I could paint the clouds without going over the horizon line.
  2. Starting with the sunny side of the sky, using a Primary Blue – Cyan. I tried to do this part uniformly.
  3. I left the clouds part unpainted and I started with the shadows of the clouds. The light comes from the left side, so the shadows are more visible on the right.
  4. After that, I applied Titanium white for the highlighted parts of the cloud.
  5. To blend the colors and give the soft look of the clouds, I used a damp brush and carefully mixed the colors. I used just the tip of the brush and made circular moves.
  6. Next, I traced where I thought that the focus object of my painting should be, and that is the wave.
  7. With a mix of blue, black and turquoise I traced the sea next to the horizon.
  8. For the main wave, I used Primary Yellow mixed with a little Titanium white. To blend it with the blue and turquoise below I used the same technique as I used for the clouds.
  9. With a smaller brush, I applied white for the foam.
  10. Using a palette knife I applied Carbon Black and Cyan Brown to create the hard and edgy rocks. I used yellow and white to highlight them in the upper part.
  11. In the end, I used a small brush to create the waves that touch the shore.

I enjoyed creating this painting, also in this video. I learned new things about blending colors and using different types of brushes.

My niece sat beside me for a while, and she was pleased by what she was seeing. She told me she believes I could teach people to paint just sitting like that and painting. She is my sweetheart.

Thank you for reading.
Enjoy the videos!

Acrylics painting Video tutorial – How to paint like Bob Ross