"Aurora Borealis" Northern Lights Watercolor 15/300 – Video tutorial
"Aurora borealis" northern lights watercolor
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“Aurora Borealis” Northern Lights Watercolor 15/300

Aurora Borealis painting in watercolor

The Northern Lights are a beautiful phenomenon happening in the Northern hemisphere and I hope to witness it sometime in this life. My Northern Lights watercolor painting is an easy and simple painting that I did after watching some images over the internet. I am fascinated by the meteorological and astronomical phenomenon. That’s why I like to paint stars, skies, galaxies and other astral objects. For my 15th artwork from the painting challenge, I used the same materials.

My aurora borealis painting was created using the following:

  • watercolor paint
  • brushes
  • paper
  • water
  • hair-dryer
  • masking tape or just paper tape.

How I created the northern lights watercolor painting

For painting the sky I used wet on wet technique. I wet the paper with a clean brush. Next, you must use black, yellow and green. Try not to mix the black with the other colors too much because we must preserve the lights areas. After the paint has dried or you used the hair-dryer to dry it, use yellow paint and create vertical lines that go through the black areas.

After painting the sky, add any other elements you could see in a night landscape. I painted trees and I imaged a lot of snow. I chose to paint snow because I can paint the shadow of the trees in the white of the snow.

This painting is rather simple and any beginner in watercolor techniques could do it. If these instructions are not clear enough, follow the steps from the attached video. I hope it will help and inspire you to create something beautiful. Don’t hesitate to link me the result or your impressions in the comment section below. For more video subscribe to my Youtube channel. I am publishing a video every week, sometimes even more.

I hope you liked my northern light watercolor painting!
See you soon!

Video tutorial: