Autumn Painting in Watercolors on Paper – Video Tutorial
Peisaj de toamna in acuarela - Autumn Painting Watercolor
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Autumn Painting in Watercolors on Paper

Autumn Painting in Watercolors – Today, because I felt that the Summer heat is a bit too much, I decided to paint something related to the Fall season. You will see that in the beginning, the painting does not look too nice, but with each detail, it gets better.

I like the beginning of a new season, so I tend to paint them before they even start. I did not work on many summer landscape this summer, but I will go straight to Autumn paintings.

The painting includes trees, leaves, a small cascade falling in a pond and a bunch of rocks. Let’s see what materials we could use:

Materials for an Autumn Painting in Watercolors

  • A4 paper for watercolor painting
  • tape paper
  • masking fluid (optional)
  • watercolor paint (I use Pheonix colors)
  • refill marker with precision tip (I filled it with white paint and water)
  • pencil for sketch

Steps in creating an autumn painting

Like always, I create a pencil sketch for the illustration. I drew trees, a small waterfall, a pond, and rocks. It’s important to add a lot of details for this panting. In the beginning, the drawing did not look very good and I was very bothered by it. However, as I added more details, the painting began to look better.

I used the marker to add details in the ending of the process. I invite you to watch the video below and see the steps I took to create the artwork. Also, I recommend you to subscribe to my Youtube channel to get more video tutorials.

Video tutorial for Autumn Painting in Watercolors