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“Ballerina” Watercolor Illustration on paper

Ballerina Watercolor painting

Ballerina illustration is the 16th painting from my Painting challenge series and it’s a watercolor illustration. Although I am not very happy with how it looks, I included the painting in this challenge. The painting represents a dancing ballerina wearing ribbons and lifting her leg up high.

For this painting, I decided to have darker colors in order to make the dress of the girl pop-up. The painting process is very simple, so without too many explanations, I will add the video tutorial. I hope you find inspiration in my drawing and you enjoy it. While I hope I can create a better ballerina watercolor illustration next time.

The materials for the ballerina illustrations in watercolors are:

  • watercolor (regular colors)
  • brushes
  • 280gm paper for watercolor
  • water
  • colored pencils

For more videos, you can subscribe to my youtube channel and click the bell to get notifications. As a matter of fact, the videos on the channel are a few steps in advance, in comparison with the articles on the blog. But you can check the blog too because this is where I am giving explanations.

I am not very talkative today, so here is my ballerina watercolor video. I hope you enjoy it! Also, the video is filmed in real-time, so take your time while recreating the painting.

Thank you!