Drawing in Illustrator - My first steps at digital painting
Drawing in Illustrator - Selfportrait - Cristina Vivi Art

Beginner at drawing in Illustrator

A week ago, I had a sudden idea of starting digital painting and to learn drawing in Illustrator. I am struggling with finding a way in my life. I began my studies with informatics and computer science, but I knew it’s not my passion from the first step.

Even so, I continued on that path. One of my biggest defects is the fact that I don’t like to give up. Some might say it’s a virtue, but sometimes it’s just foolish ambition. And I believe that for me, it’s been a very dumb ambition.

My feet kept going on that path with my university studies. I got the license diploma and a dissertation diploma in computer science. My mind was set on how much money I could make if I would follow this road. However, I was wrong…

Soon, I came to realize that passion and love your work is a thousand time more important. I changed various fields in the same domain, programming, web developer and so on. But nothing shut up my inner voice. Only now I understand that I can’t go any further on that road.

Powerpuff girls - Cristina Vivi Art
Powerpuff girls – Cristina Vivi Art

I gave up on my job as a programmer assistant (I didn’t even have the assertiveness and drive to even try for a programmer position). But now as I began the courses of drawing in Illustrator, I know this is it. I have no regrets. As a programmer, I would stumble upon so many obstacles and give up on trying again and again. I could simply not go beyond some techniques.

Why drawing in Illustrator?


Horse digital painting
Horse digital painting

But when I began drawing in Illustrator, it felt so rewarding. From the very first click, it felt good. Each small illustration feels like a small step toward my goal. And I encountered moments when I couldn’t do anything, but I felt more capable. I tried again and I made it.

Now, it’s about one week since I got the Illustrator installed on my computer. I was lucky to receive a graphics tablet some years ago. So, drawing in Illustrator with a tablet is exactly what I wanted to do. Some of my drawings feature cartoons, animals, and portraits.

This is only the beginning and I have a lot to learn, but I love what I’m doing. Having this feeling, every day, is more rewarding than anything in this world. I am not making any money right now, but I know that reward will come after a lot of hard work and dedication.

Sebastian Stan art - drawing in illustrator
Sebastian Stan art – drawing in illustrator

I also began creating some screen recordings. They are meant to document my evolution and digital creations. Hopefully, they will be useful for people who also want to begin drawing in illustrator. You can see some of my digital painting on my Youtube channel. I will be adding more in the next period. So stay tuned!

Thank you!

Have a great week! 🙂



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