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Captain Marvel Art - Digital Painting Video

Captain Marvel Art – Digital Painting (Video)

One of my biggest passions are Marvel movies and I did a Captain Marvel art for the upcoming movie of this beautiful superhero. I started working with Adobe Illustrator a couple of weeks ago, and I am beginning to love it more and more. Even if this tool is very similar in functionalities with Photoshop, I think I like Illustrator more.

I used as a reference for this Captain Marvel art an image of her from the movie posters. I transformed it into a template and used the blob brush and pencil tool with fill to create this painting. I know that my style is still very sloppy and not defined. However, I love to work on my techniques and learn something new with every artwork.

I believe that you can’t improve if you’re not courageous enough to make mistakes. And I did a lot of beginner artist mistakes when I started each painting style. Digital painting is no exception. But, this time, I watched online courses for Illustrator and worked on each exercise until it looked like the example in the course.

Captain Marvel Art

It’s very interesting when a new hero is entering the scene of Marvel Universe. And I’ve been so reluctant with each one of them. I remember that I was so picky when Captain America premiered. I didn’t even see the movie and I was already not liking it. But! After watching the movies, I adored it. Same happened with Doctor Strange. I always have this small prejudice that it’s clouding my conscience.

This time, I know I like it. I trust each movement done by Marvel because it never disappointed me. I hope this depiction of Captain Marvel art is pleasant.

To watch the video of the creation process, check the video below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel because I am working on new artwork every day.

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