Cat Painting in Acrylics - Impressionism Cat Painting on Canvas

Cat Painting in Acrylics – Kitty Soul by Cristina-Vivi Iordache

Painting of Cat in Acrylics

Cat painting in acrylics
Cat painting in acrylics

The Kitty Soul painting is the second piece from the animal couple artwork. The cat painting on canvas is after a reference picture I searched on the internet. I like to paint after real animal photos because I can use my own vision and imagination. Maimeri is the acrylics painting I’m using, an Italian company which produces art materials. These products are my first recommendation because they are bright, fluid and mix well.

I started the artwork using an image of a real cat from a free copyright image from the internet. Next, I used Paint software to mirror the image and then I used pen and transfer paper to copy the lines. Using a soft pencil I transferred the drawing on the canvas.

I chose to paint parts of the painting so that it would look realists, and paint the rest in an impressionism style, adding strokes of colorful paint. This way I made a small balance between the seriousness of the animal and the happiness of the vibrant colors.

This colorful painting can decorate a nursery room or lighten up a room.

Suggestion for Cat Painting in Acrylics

Cat Painting
Cat Painting

I used bright colors and complementary with the dog painting. These paintings can be hanged together or separate for children bedrooms or living rooms. The painting is varnished with special varnish products.

Also, the varnish prevents dust and dirt to ruin the artwork and it’s also a UV protection.

You can find the digital version of my paintings also on my Etsy page here.
If you want to learn how to paint or to draw, you can check my Youtube channel for video tutorials.


Materials: acrylics on canvas stretched on wood frame
Tools: brushes
Size: 24 cm x 18 cm
Date: December 2017
Details at iordache.cristina.vivi(at)

Hope you enjoyed my gray cat painting in acrylics!
Have a great day!