Art Fun Facts

Fun Facts about Art - read about these cool fun facts about art and artists gathered from all over the world.Funny events, awesome paintings, weird ideas and great art in collections and lists for you to enjoy. Art facts for kids, pop art facts, interesting facts about celebrity artists. Great art fun facts for everyone.

  • Painting quotes
    Art Fun Facts

    Most famous 100 Painting Quotes

    The most popular 100 painting quotes and the celebrities who said them. Enhance your social media art posts adding these beautiful mottos in their descriptions. Here you will find painting quotes from Edgar Degas, Oscar Wilde, Frida Khalo, Vincent van…

  • Animals that create art
    Art Fun Facts

    12 Animals that create Art – Painter Animals

    Humans have always expressed and displayed their artistic talents, but what if we tell you that animals can paint too? Check out these 12 cases of animals that create art and paint. With their beaks, trumpets, lips or paws, these…