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Art History

Art History facts about artists and their paintings, and how various art currents were born along the history. You will learn about art from the beginning, in the Paleolithic era and how the cavemen painted the first artworks. Also, we will reach contemporary times where we watch artist live paint trough social media live sessions.  

  • The history of acrylic paint - When was acrylic paint invented
    Art History

    The history of Acrylic Paint

    When was acrylic paint invented? The history of acrylic paint doesn’t go back in the 10th or 11th-century like many suppose, but way earlier. If you wonder when was acrylic paint invented, you should know it was…

  • Prehistoric Art Paintings - Art history - Cave Paintings
    Art History

    Prehistoric Cave Paintings – Paleolithic Art

    The importance of the prehistoric cave paintings Art History is the study of artistic currents and their chronological flow along the history.  Prehistoric Cave Paintings are the first proofs we have about Paleolithic art. The first paintings ever…