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Hello! Welcome on my art blog! Here you will find beautiful paintings by Cristina-Vivi Iordache, and also a lot of unique coloring pages manually created. On this blog you will find many video tutorials on how to paint using oils, acrylics, watercolors, gouache and many more. I hope you will enjoy this art blog and that the info you find here will help you explore your imagination and skills and create something new and beautiful. Thank you!

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    Beginner Artist Mistakes to Avoid

    When you start painting, you will probably make the beginner artist mistakes for sure. And these mistakes are quite common. But the good thing is this is also a part of the art learning process. We all…

  • Drawing in Illustrator - Selfportrait - Cristina Vivi Art

    Beginner at drawing in Illustrator

    A week ago, I had a sudden idea of starting digital painting and to learn drawing in Illustrator. I am struggling with finding a way in my life. I began my studies with informatics and computer science,…

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    What is the meaning of painting?

    Painting: the action of applying a colored pigment, paint or medium on a surface.  It sounds so plastic and meaningless when you put it in simple words like that. You can see that even the animals can…