• Oil artists Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels
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    My favorite OIL artists and their Contemporary Art

    What Oil artists impressed and inspired me There are a few artists that really impressed me and most of them are contemporary artists that bring something truly original in their contemporary art. Although I have a long list of favorite…

  • What is the meaning of painting?

    What is the meaning of painting?

    Painting: the action of applying a colored pigment, paint or medium on a surface.  It sounds so plastic and meaningless when you put it in simple words like that. You can see that even the animals can create paintings. Perhaps,…

  • New Year Resolution

    New Year Resolution of an Artist 2019

    My New Year Resolution List for the year 2019 I know it’s a trend right now to think and talk about your new year resolution list for the upcoming year. Also, I did this kind of list each year and…

  • merry christmas wishes

    Merry Christmas Wishes from an Artist

    My Merry Christmas wishes I’ve been terribly busy these days and I could publish no new posts about my artworks. The thing is I didn’t work on anything art related. I was busy with Christmas preparations. Still, I want to…