Modern Paintings and drawings by Cristina-Vivi Iordache, done using the best paints and colors. Also, these are Original artworks and paintings.My modern paintings include oil painting, acrylics painting and watercolors paintings on paper, canvas and more. Also, you can see my video tutorials on how I create modern paintings. I use impressionism, abstract and surrealism style to create them.

  • Lavender Field gouache painting
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    Lavender Field Gouache Painting (Video)

    One of the last paintings I did in February, this year is a lavender field gouache painting. I am not extremely happy with the result, but as I said before, I prefer to document each step and mistake on my…

  • Cute bear digital painting - speed-painting

    Cute BEAR Drawing – Speed-painting (Video)

    Along with other digital paintings, I also wanted to create a series of cute bear drawings. This is the first cute bear from the series and it’s a regular cute bear.  I like to use Adobe Illustrator for this painting…

  • Captain Marvel Art - Digital Painting Video

    Captain Marvel Art – Digital Painting (Video)

    One of my biggest passions are Marvel movies and I did a Captain Marvel art for the upcoming movie of this beautiful superhero. I started working with Adobe Illustrator a couple of weeks ago, and I am beginning to love…

  • Painting kit for beginners - Artist starter set
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    Make your own Painting KIT for Beginners

    Anyone who ever entered the painting world wondered what should their painting kit for beginners contain. This is a good question and it’s very common. You can say a lot about it and this is a subject that requires a…

  • Romantic Hug - Digital Painting

    Romantic Hug – Digital Painting (Video)

    This year, for Valentine’s Day, I worked on a digital painting. This is an artwork I also included in my list of Painting challenge pieces. I want my painting challenge list to include all the artworks I am working on…