• Ship Oil Painting - Corabie la rasarit, Tablou in ulei

    Ship Oil Painting – Sailing Ship in the Sunrise

    Oil Painting of antique ship sailing in the Sunrise Sailing Ship Oil Painting This is one of my favorite ship painting in oil. The shapes are irregular, but I feel that I expressed my feelings with accuracy trough it. As…

  • Forest in the sunset

    Oil Painting – Forest in the sunset

    Forest in the sunset Painting in Oil Colors Colorful forest in oil paint I was afraid to work with oil colors before, but after attending a one-time oil painting class I learned its secret. Forest in the Sunset is a…

  • Ship in the Sunset

    Oil Painting – Ship in the Sunset

    Ship in the Sunset Painting – Oil painting It would have been great to start earlier painting oil artworks, but I couldn’t find the time or the courage to get it done. I got used to painting while listening to…

  • Padure toamna, Tablou in ulei

    Oil painting with palette knife – Autumn

    Oil painting with palette knife – Autumn – Impressionism One of my favorite painters is mister Leonid Afremov, the impressionist painter. Impressionism is expressing my rage against norms, regulation, laws and standards and my love for colors, flavors mix, love,…

  • Oil Painting - Autumn lights

    Oil Painting – Autumn Lights

    Oil Painting for the Romantic souls Another artwork from my oil painting collection is “Autumn Light” and is a piece that’s been sold very fast. This painting is very dear to me due to colors and how I imagined it.…

  • Daffodils Painting
    Acrylics,  Oil

    Daffodils Painting in Oil Colors

    Daffodils Painting in Oil and Acrylics I love daffodils and I think it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they’re my favorite flowers. I remember that when I was little I used to receive on my birthdays many daffodils and…