Oil Paintings by Cristina Iordache, done using high quality paint on canvas or painting paper. Also, check out these beautiful original oil paintings. I’m using brushes and palette knife on canvas or wood. My creations include oil paintings using high-quality paint.

Gorgeous oil paintings in impressionism style or in realism. Learn to create oil paintings. Therefore, follow step by step the oil paintings tutorials.

Video tutorial of oil painting of Seaside landscape with architecture

Video tutorial of oil painting with palette knife on canvas of a Seaside landscape from Constanta, Romania. For this painting… Read More

3 years ago

Spring Mountains – Oil and palette knife painting 23/300

To greet Spring a bit earlier, I decided to create an oil and palette knife painting of a mountain. This… Read More

5 years ago

Corvin Castle – Palette Knife and Oil painting 19/300

Creating a castle painting using the palette knife and oil painting was a big challenge for me, I admit. Creating… Read More

5 years ago

My favorite OIL artists and their Contemporary Art

What Oil artists impressed and inspired me There are a few artists that really impressed me and most of them… Read More

6 years ago

First painting of 2019 “Optimism” Oil paint

Happy New Year everyone! For this new year, I want to start with a Painting Challenge. I challenged myself to… Read More

6 years ago

Impressionist Seascape Paintings – Impressionist Paintings in Palette Knife

Impressionist Paintings will always make you say "Wow" What is there not to love about impressionist paintings? Impressionism is an… Read More

6 years ago

How to oil paint a Winter Landscape on Canvas

Winter Oil painting on Canvas - Landscape painting It seems a nightmare to use oil color, but I will help… Read More

6 years ago

Ship Oil Painting – Sailing Ship in the Sunrise

Oil Painting of antique ship sailing in the Sunrise Sailing Ship Oil Painting This is one of my favorite ship… Read More

6 years ago

Oil Painting Forest in the sunset

Oil painting Forest in the sunset  - Painting in Oil Colors Colorful forest in oil paint I was afraid to… Read More

7 years ago

Oil Painting – Ship in the Sunset

Ship in the Sunset Painting - Oil painting It would have been great to start earlier painting oil artworks, but… Read More

7 years ago