Modern Paintings and drawings - Cristina's Painting


Modern Paintings and drawings by Cristina-Vivi Iordache, done using the best paints and colors. Also, these are Original artworks and paintings. My modern paintings include oil painting, acrylics painting and watercolors paintings on paper, canvas and more. Also, you can see my video tutorials on how I create modern paintings. I use impressionism, abstract and surrealism style to create them.

  • Desen in creion cu elefant

    Pencil Drawing of an Elephant

    Pencil drawing of an Elephant – Learn how to draw an elephant, following these easy steps. You will learn to draw every animal, in a very short period of time. Materials we are going to use for…

  • Pencil Drawing - Panda Bear - Desen in Creion Urs panda

    Pencil Drawing of a Panda

    Pencil drawing of a Panda – Check out this short step-by-step tutorial of a cute panda. Learn to draw a panda, easy, with the following technique. Materials: pencil paper eraser Steps in creating a pencil drawing of…