Paintings and drawings by Cristina-Vivi Iordache, done using the best paints and colors. Original artworks and paintings

  • Ship Oil Painting - Corabie la rasarit, Tablou in ulei

    Ship Oil Painting – Sailing Ship in the Sunrise

    Oil Painting of antique ship sailing in the Sunrise Sailing Ship Oil Painting This is one of my favorite ship painting in oil. The shapes are irregular, but I feel that I expressed my feelings with accuracy trough it. As…

  • Acrylics

    Peonies Painting in Acrylics Colors

    The first artwork of 2018 is a large peonies painting bouquet in a vase. Peonies are one of my favorite kind of flowers. They are delicate flowers with subtle fragrance. I wanted my first work of this year to be…

  • Tablou cu fructe, Arome Mediteraneene, Pictura in acrilice

    Oranges Painting in Acrylics on Paper

    The Beauty of Italy This painting represents in a symbolic way, my dream from when I was 5-6 years old. That dream was to visit Italy. There were Italian TV channels that used to show beautiful cartoons like Sailor Moon,…

  • Forest painting in oil

    Oil Painting – Forest in the sunset

    Forest in the sunset Painting in Oil Colors Colorful forest in oil paint – Forest painting in oil I was afraid to work with oil colors before, but after attending a one-time oil painting class I learned its secret. Forest in…

  • Bird Painting in Acrylics

    Colorful African bird acrylic painting

    Coracias caudatus – African bird acrylic painting After a long time, I won the fight with myself, I struggled and I took the brush in my hand and started painting. I finally just did it without trying to reflect too…

  • Impressionist paintings - impressionist seascape paintings in palette knife

    Oil Painting – Ship in the Sunset

    Ship in the Sunset Painting – Oil painting It would have been great to start earlier painting oil artworks, but I couldn’t find the time or the courage to get it done. I got used to painting while listening to…