Paintings and drawings by Cristina-Vivi Iordache, done using the best paints and colors. Original artworks and paintings

  • Mermaid at Sunset Oil Painting - Siren Painting - Mermaid images

    Oil Painting Mermaid at Sunset – Siren Painting in Oil

    Siren Painting in Oil – Mermaid at Sunset How to create beautiful mermaid images? The “Mermaid at Sunset” painting is one of the artworks I did in September, last year. It’s a siren painting that I’m very proud of. It’s…

  • Padure toamna, Tablou in ulei

    Oil painting with palette knife – Autumn

    Oil painting with palette knife – Autumn – Impressionism One of my favorite painters is mister Leonid Afremov, the impressionist painter. Impressionism is expressing my rage against norms, regulation, laws and standards and my love for colors, flavors mix, love,…

  • Impressionist paintings Autumn

    Oil Painting – Autumn Lights

    Oil Painting for the Romantic souls Another artwork from my oil painting collection is “Autumn Light” and is a piece that’s been sold very fast. This painting is very dear to me due to colors and how I imagined it.…

  • Atrani Painting

    Atrani Acrylics Painting – Amalfi Art

    Atrani Acrylics Painting – Italy – Amalfi Art I’ve been working on a Atrani Acrylics Painting, an Amalfi art piece, the last few days. It took me about 8 hours, I believe. I worked on it for a couple of…

  • Daffodils Painting
    Acrylics,  Oil

    Daffodils Painting in Oil Colors

    Daffodils Painting in Oil and Acrylics I love daffodils and I think it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they’re my favorite flowers. I remember that when I was little I used to receive on my birthdays many daffodils and…

  • Tropical flower watercolors painting

    Winter Orchid Watercolor Painting

    Summer orchid watercolor to warm winter days There is nothing winter related about Winter orchid watercolor’s content, except for the fact that it was painted in December. I bought in Autumn a small purple orchid since I adore flowers and nature, especially…

  • Silve Pheonix Acrylics Painting

    Silver Phoenix Acrylics Painting

    Silver Phoenix Acrylics Painting The Silver Phoenix Acrylics Painting is a gift I did for my sister. I worked on this in a period when I was quite relaxed and I was meditating on life in general, under happy aspects.…