Art Tutorials and drawing tutorials created by Romanian artist, Cristina-Vivi Iordache. Hence, check out my video tutorials on how to draw in ink, how to paint in acrylics, oil or watercolors. Also, you can learn about art history in my video tutorials and learn how to create paleolithic art and more. These art tutorials and drawing tutorials will help you be better at drawing and painting.

  • Lavender Field gouache painting
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    Lavender Field Gouache Painting (Video)

    One of the last paintings I did in February, this year is a lavender field gouache painting. I am not extremely happy with the result, but as I said before, I prefer to document each step and mistake on my…

  • Cute bear digital painting - speed-painting

    Cute BEAR Drawing – Speed-painting (Video)

    Along with other digital paintings, I also wanted to create a series of cute bear drawings. This is the first cute bear from the series and it’s a regular cute bear.  I like to use Adobe Illustrator for this painting…

  • Painting kit for beginners - Artist starter set
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    Make your own Painting KIT for Beginners

    Anyone who ever entered the painting world wondered what should their painting kit for beginners contain. This is a good question and it’s very common. You can say a lot about it and this is a subject that requires a…

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    Beginner Artist Mistakes to Avoid

    When you start painting, you will probably make the beginner artist mistakes for sure. And these mistakes are quite common. But the good thing is this is also a part of the art learning process. We all learn from our…

  • Valentine's Day Cards - Couple drawing - Valentine's Day Cards
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    Valentine’s Day Cards Idea – Couple Drawing

    For this special day, I wanted to create something simple and easy, as love should be. However, I am not particularly celebrating this day since in Romania we have another special day to celebrate love. Our traditional love day is…

  • How to draw a rose flower Painting Watercolors - Cristina picteaza
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    How to draw a ROSE flower Painting 17/300

    How to draw a rose flower painting with watercolors? Well, it’s pretty simple and pleasant to paint a rose using watercolors. I also recommend you to look upon the Internet various images with rose flowers and study how the petals…