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Art Tutorials and drawing tutorials created by Romanian artist, Cristina-Vivi Iordache. Hence, check out my video tutorials on how to draw in ink, how to paint in acrylics, oil or watercolors. Also, you can learn about art history in my video tutorials and learn how to create paleolithic art and more. These art tutorials and drawing tutorials will help you be better at drawing and painting.

  • Pencil Drawing - Panda Bear - Desen in Creion Urs panda

    Pencil Drawing of a Panda

    Pencil drawing of a Panda – Check out this short step-by-step tutorial of a cute panda. Learn to draw a panda, easy, with the following technique. Materials: pencil paper eraser Steps in creating a pencil drawing of…

  • How to draw Naruto face - Cristina Painting

    How to draw Naruto face (Video)

    Learn how to draw Naruto face using this step by step tutorial. Below you will see each step of the drawing and we will also watch a video tutorial of my attempts at drawing Naruto. For drawing…