Watercolor Drawings and Watercolor Paintings on paper by Cristina-Vivi Iordache. Also, you will find out more about watercolor technique such as Wet on wet technique or wet on dry. You will read about Original paintings by Cristina Iordache, a Romanian painter.In this category, you will also find video tutorials about how to paint watercolor paintings and drawings, step by step, accompanied by relaxing music.

  • Gouache Painting - Neptun Girl - Cristina Picteaza
    Paintings,  Watercolors

    Neptune Girl – Gouache painting 22/300

    Recently I developed a curiosity regarding gouache painting so I decided to give this paint a try. I’ve seen many artists using it for illustrations, botanical art, posters, and pretty much lovely and beautiful artworks. They all stated that they…

  • Loose watercolor painting

    Rainy Day – Loose Watercolor Painting 20/300

    Sometimes you get tired of following too many instructions and clear directions. In those moments, I like to create a loose watercolor painting. The advantages of a painting like this are the fact that you can do whatever you want…

  • Watercolor girl Painting - Cristina Picteaza

    Creating a watercolor girl painting 18/300

    For the 18th artwork from my painting challenge series, I did a watercolor girl painting. Basically, this creation is very simple and easy. I am trying to create very loose watercolor girl paintings. All the loose paintings I saw look…

  • How to draw a rose flower Painting Watercolors - Cristina picteaza
    Tutorials,  Watercolors

    How to draw a ROSE flower Painting 17/300

    How to draw a rose flower painting with watercolors? Well, it’s pretty simple and pleasant to paint a rose using watercolors. I also recommend you to look upon the Internet various images with rose flowers and study how the petals…