Christmas Tree Drawing - How to draw a Christmas Tree
Brad de colorat - Cristina-Vivi - Christmas Tree Drawing
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Christmas Tree Drawing – How to draw a Christmas Tree

How to draw a Christmas Tree Drawing

Brad de Colorat - Click pe imagine pentru a downloada
Brad de Colorat – Click pe imagine pentru a downloada

It’s easy to create a Christmas tree drawing in pencil and ink. For this simple creation, we will need a piece of paper, a pencil, and a black marker or an ink pen. If you want a Christmas tree drawing ready for coloring download if from the link below.

Download a Christmas tree for coloring

Click on the next image and a new window will open. Right click on the image and click on “Save as..”. You will be able to download the image on your personal computer. After that, you will be able to print it. The children will enjoy coloring a lovely Christmas tree drawing with toys around it.

If you wish to learn how to draw a Christmas tree follow the next steps and the video I prepared for you.

  1. We create a pencil sketch of the tree on paper, and if you wish, you can create a contour with a marker.
  2. The star from the top is the starting point.
  3. We continue by drawing the branches of the tree. We draw small angles as I show you in the following images.
  4. The little branches are drawn farther and farther from the center of the tree.
  5. We draw the base of the tree and the stem of the tree.
  6. Next, we will draw lots of Christmas decorations and gifts on the tree and around it.
  7. I also added a few candles on the branches to make it glow and give a warm feeling.

Video tutorial of the Christmas tree drawing

You can watch the Christmas tree drawing, step by step, in the following video tutorial. The video is time-lapsed, but you can also see the images I added at the end of this article.

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