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Watercolor girl Painting - Cristina Picteaza

Creating a watercolor girl painting 18/300

For the 18th artwork from my painting challenge series, I did a watercolor girl painting. Basically, this creation is very simple and easy. I am trying to create very loose watercolor girl paintings. All the loose paintings I saw look very carefree and simple, and I want to grasp that technique.

For this loose watercolor girl painting, we are going to use the following tools. I also added the links to the websites where you can find these materials.

Materials for the watercolor girl painting

For starters, we will use a pencil to create the girl sketch on paper. I drew a girl with the hair in the wind, a flowy dress, and some flowers. These elements create a dynamic drawing. It’s beautiful to build movement and dynamism in your artworks. The viewer is invited to imagine how the dress and hair flow in wind. This way, you encourage imagination and creativity, even on a small scale.

I am not particularly fond of this drawing, but it helped me dive into the loose watercolor painting. And I plan on documenting each of my trials along the way, even if the artwork is not how I expected. I also added a timelapse painting video tutorial to document this watercolor girl creation.

This video tutorial is meant to give you a small introduction in the loose watercolor technique. Basically, you should let yourself go with the flow and paint without strict limitations. I know it doesn’t feel too loose right now, but it will improve.

Loose watercolor girl painting video tutorial

Thank you for reading and don’t hesitate to leave me a comment with a link of your artwork inspired by this painting.

Have a beautiful day!