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Cute bear digital painting - speed-painting

Cute BEAR Drawing – Speed-painting (Video)

Along with other digital paintings, I also wanted to create a series of cute bear drawings. This is the first cute bear from the series and it’s a regular cute bear.  I like to use Adobe Illustrator for this painting process and you can see the first fanart I did for Captain Marvel in a previous article. Currently, I evolved a bit in what concerns my abilities in digital painting. Soon, I will create more fanart digital paintings, and you will be able to see videos of how I create Loki, Dr. Strange, Bucky and more.

For this lovely artwork, I did a small pencil sketch. The sketch of the cute bear drawing is simple and anyone can do it. Below you can see the Instagram post with the sketch I did for this digital painting. You can see it’s a little shabby, but since it’s a sketch, I can draw in with a marker the line-art. But I chose to use the photo to create a line-art and color it in Illustrator. I am also thinking of coloring in a better way next time. However, I wanted to learn to use the blob and pencil tool from Illustrator.

I encourage you too, to create small cute drawings in Illustrator if you are a beginner on this road.

The cute bear digital painting

Below I will add the video of my painting process. I used free OBS Studio, software to record the screen and create a lovely video in Shotcut, a software for creating videos.  The video of the cute bear drawing features my speed-painting and I hope you like it. You can see more of traditional and digital paintings on my Youtube channel. I encourage you to subscribe!

Thank you! Have a great day!