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Daffodil Pencil Drawing – Step by step tutorial

Daffodil pencil drawing – Easy step by step tutorial of how to draw a daffodil flower using only pencil and paper. Daffodils seem difficult at first glance, but actually, it is very easy to draw the daffodil flowers.


  • pencil
  • paper
  • eraser

Step by step pencil drawing tutorial of a daffodil

  1. Start by drawing 3 circles where the petals will be.
    Desene in creion flori de narcisa
  2. On these circles, draw other 3 circles. But draw them slightly to the side of the circles, not directly in their center.
  3. Connect the small circles with the middle of the big circles by sketching lines. These will be the “trumpets”. This is the base of the flower
    Desene in creion flori de narcisa
  4. Starting from the center, draw petals for each circle. The margins of the trumpets should be curly, so draw curved lines.
    Desene in creion flori de narcisa
  5. Trace the lines that create the stem of the flowers.
    Desene in creion flori de narcisa
  6. Erase the helping lines and start adding more details to the daffodils
    Desene in creion flori de narcisa
  7. Cross-hatch the shadows of the flowers to create more depth.


I hope this mini-tutorial will help you draw a lovely daffodil flower. If you want to learn more about daffodil pencil drawing techniques, check the following video tutorial.

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Thank you!

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