"River Tree" Easy watercolor drawing Painting Challenge 6/300 – Watercolors tips and tricks
River Tree easy watercolor drawing
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“River Tree” Easy watercolor drawing Painting Challenge 6/300

How to create an easy watercolor drawing

For my sixth painting in the 300 Painting Challenge, I worked on an easy watercolor drawing of a landscape. Because my previous painting featured a very chaotic and abstract painting, I felt like painting something real and meaningful. It might sound weird, but I love trees. We don’t appreciate the trees to their right value.

So, I worked on a cool and easy watercolor drawing. I believe the painting is very easy, but you have to work a lot to make it look great. For this one, I used a regular watercolor palette. Maybe I am going back to basics with this school palette, but I believe this is somewhat giving me freedom. When I don’t have to focus on pouring color from the tubes and mix a lot of shades to get a certain color paint, I feel free to focus on the watercolor drawing.

Materials for our easy watercolor drawing

  • paper (if you have watercolor paper is better)
  • tape (optional, to keep the paper from changing shape as it absorbs water)
  • a regular school watercolor palette
  • various size brushes
  • water 🙂

River Tree - Easy watercolor painting
River Tree – Easy watercolor painting

I have four brushes I use regularly for the watercolor illustration. A big flat brush that I use to dampen the paper with water. It’s useful for the wet on wet technique. Also, I have two round brushes with a pointy tip and two brushes very thin (These are the smallest numbers: 000 and 1 brushes). The last two brushes are extremely useful in adding details to your watercolor painting.

For my easy watercolor artwork, I began by adding water on paper for the wet on wet technique. I used a big brush to add color strokes that mix and flow on the wet surface.

Next, I use a hairdryer to dry the paint. After this, you will start adding shapes and details. Remember to always add the lighter spaces before the darker ones. If you want to lighten a space where you used a dark color will no longer be possible with watercolors. So be careful.

I try to plan my painting before I start working. For this tree watercolor painting, I analyzed the lighter areas: the yellow field, the sky, the bright green foliage and the color of the river. For this, you must apply the colors accordingly. Please, watch the video attached to this article to understand the process.

The harder part is to paint the leaves. I painted the light leaves and got darker and darker. After that, I began coloring the tree, the river details and the rest.


I promise this is a very easy watercolor painting if you have patience. Next, you can watch the time-lapse painting process. Also, I will be adding more watercolor painting on my youtube channel in the next days. If you like winter landscapes, you will love the next painting.

Thank you for watching!

Have a beautiful day!