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Oil artists Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels
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My favorite OIL artists and their Contemporary Art

What Oil artists impressed and inspired me

There are a few artists that really impressed me and most of them are contemporary artists that bring something truly original in their contemporary art. Although I have a long list of favorite acrylics painters, the oil artists list is quite short.

The artists that I included in my favorite oil artists are:

  • Leonid Afremov
  • Koby Feldmos

Leonid Afremov

Loneliness of Autumn by Leonid Afremov Photo source:
Loneliness of Autumn by Leonid Afremov Photo source:

One of the oil artists that made a huge impact on my artistic experience is Leonid Afremov. He is a Russian-Israeli painter born in Vitebsk, Belarus, in 1955. He is currently living in Mexico, Cancun. His modern impressionistic paintings impressed me very much and I followed his steps and learned to use oils on canvas. The oil painting of Leonid Afremov feature landscapes, cities, seascape, flowers and portraits. You will distinguish his paintings because he is painting in a very colorful manner.

You can see from his artworks that he is using the entire range of colors for his paintings. From two of his video tutorials on youtube, I learned to paint with a palette knife and oil paint. All the paintings from this article are done using his method. You can also see there my original paintings using his method.

He has a very beautiful painting technique. He is applying only clean painting strokes, whipping the palette knife after every stroke. That’s why his paintings are so saturated and vibrant.

What I like

I used to be sad about painting with oils because it made very confused. I wasn’t sure how to apply them and I almost hated them. However, after watching his tutorials I followed his instructions step by step and suddenly I finished an oil painting. I was astonished that I could do something like that. That painting was sold and the owner was very happy to have it. I believe that learning about Leonid Afremov opened up a lot of doors for my paintings experience. My horizon suddenly widened and I could do much more than I ever thought I could.

That’s why Leonid Afremov will always be one of my favorite oil artists.

Deer Painting by Leonid Afremov Photo source:
Deer Painting by Leonid Afremov Photo source:

Koby Feldmos

Koby Feldmos Photo source:
Koby Feldmos Photo source:

Another incredible painter from my favorite oil artists list is Koby Feldmos. Koby is an Israeli painter from Tel Aviv and he descends from a family of jewelers. But he abandoned the family business in favor of painting. His paintings are unique and beautiful. The style is a post-impressionism movement from the 19th century, also called Pointillism.

His gorgeous artworks are characterized by strong and short paint strokes in a circular movement. The colorful palette is uneven, but he creates a beautiful depth on the canvas. It might look like the strokes are randomly applied, but on the bigger picture, you can see that there is a lot of precision in his work.

What I like

His paintings feature beautiful originality of his work. He is very unique both in style and expressivity. His paintings are not only featuring animals, landscapes and sceneries, but also more spiritual motives and subjects.

I don’t have yet paintings created using his style, but I want to experience this domain soon enough.

Koby Feldmos - Tree Photo source:
Koby Feldmos – Tree Photo source:

They are the oil artists that impressed me along the way. But when I will discover other artists that resonate with my style I will publish them here.

What are the artists that impressed and made you more confident in your art style? Write me in the comment section below and let’s discuss.

Thank you!


(Photo cover by Steve Johnson from Pexels)