Fine Line Applicator Testing - Acrylic Painting with squeeze bottle paint
Pictura cu Aplicator Acrilice - fine line applicator
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Fine Line Applicator Testing – Acrylic Painting

Fine Line Applicator for Acrylic Painting – I ordered online, a couple of days ago, some art supply materials I needed and could not find in my city. I saw an artist paint gorgeous artworks with fine line applicators on Instagram and I thought I should give it a try, too.

I found a fine line applicator that is normally used for quilling, for applying glue. I will show you pictures below with the products I ordered. This article is not sponsored in any way, by the company or the online store. Simply, I would like to share my experience with people. The products I got are the following:

  • two textile paint bottles I needed for clothes painting. I already have black and red paint from Jacquard. However, this time I got Pentart paint: blue and yellow. With red, yellow and blue, I can mix and get more shades. So having these ones is enough. Also, these fabric paints are water solvable so they are good.
  • a mask liner for water paint like watercolors, tempera or acrylic paint.
  • a small bottle applicator.
  • marker fine line applicator, they both include a needle and special cap to keep the bottle from clogging.

I tried the marker with the blue tip. From an acrylic paint tube, I squeezed a little paint into the applicator and added some water. Then, I mixed the content. However, I recommend mixing the paint in a container and then pour it into the marker. By mixing it into the marker, you can create foam and the bubbles can create splashes on the artwork. I will create more articles to keep you updated about my tests with these products. I am really enjoying them.

Below, you can see a video of my first experience with this fine line applicator. Hope this info helps you create cool illustrations.

Thank you!

Video of me testing the paint marker