My first Abstract Painting in Acrylics - "Chaos" w Palette Knife
My first abstract painting
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My First Abstract Painting “Chaos” Painting Challenge 5/300

My first abstract painting is a chaos

For the fifth painting in my challenge of 300, I chose to do my first abstract painting. And, gosh…. it felt harder than a normal painting. For the majority of the people, abstract painting is the easiest thing you can do. You simply apply coats paint in various strokes and you get something interesting. It’s similar to the inkblot test of Rorschach, if you want. You add paint and you create something without having a subject in mind. However, the secret of this painting method is to create an abstract painting in such a way, that you get something: a portrait or a landscape. Anything.

For my first painting, I didn’t manage to create anything besides chaos. So I named this artwork “Chaos”. I learned something. I understand that you should use fewer colors and try not to use too many dark colors.

Materials for my first abstract painting

  • paper or canvas
  • palette knives (I have 2, one smaller, one bigger)
  • 3-4 acrylic paintings, various colors
  • masking tape (optional) – I used it to preserve the margins of the paper

I began by applying three colors on the canvas. Next, I used the bigger palette knife to spread the colors and blend them together, but only partially. As you will see in my video, I used to much brown color and it darkened the entire painting.

After you spread the color around, add more paint if some areas don’t feel like they express too much to you. I feel that I should have used more pink and less blue and brown. Using dark gold to give the entire painting a glow proved to be a good idea.

I am not very happy with how my first abstract painting resulted, but I learned something. Also, I should use only one dark color and only a small amount. Plus, I used too much paint for the surface of my paper.

On the following, you can watch a video of how I did this abstract painting in acrylics. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for watching!