Flower painting in acrylics – VIDEO - How to paint in acrylic
Pictura cu flori in acrilice - Cristina Picteaza Flower painting in acrylics
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Flower painting in acrylics

It’s effortless to create a flower painting in acrylics, and this article will explain to you how to do it, step by step. We will see what the materials are and how to create two flower pots on canvas.

Also, we will watch a video tutorial about how to apply these steps and create a purple and yellow flower painting in acrylics on canvas.

Materials for creating a flower painting in acrylic

  • Canvas – I had a small canvas of maximum 30cm long. You can use whatever size you like or have. For our art, a small canvas is more than enough.
  • Brushes of various sizes – try to use flat brushes for this painting of medium size. However, you can use others if you don’t have flat brushes.
  • Pencil if you need to create a sketch
  • Acrylic paint: titanium white, martian black, primary cyan blue, primary magenta red, primary bright yellow, burned sienna, burned umber
  • Water for cleaning the brush.

Pictura cu flori in acrilice - Cristina Picteaza

How to paint a flower drawing in acrylic

  1. We begin by applying a layer of white paint or primer to seal the canvas. My canvas is already primed, but I am still using a coat. Otherwise, the cotton will absorb the color and make it look bad.
  2. Next, we will paint the background by applying various shades of blue. I combined cyan blue with white and white a bit of yellow to create light blue and turquoise. In the center, we will use more white to create a focal point.
  3. On the inferior side of the canvas, we will apply shades of grey.
  4. After applying the background, you can leave the canvas to dry a bit or continue with painting the flowers.
  5. Use burned sienna, burned umber and yellow to paint the pots of the flowers. You can also mix red, blue and yellow to create various shades of brown.
  6. I used blue and red to paint the purple flowers and yellow and red for the yellow flowers on the left.
  7. To create depth and perspective, add blue flowers where the shadows could be on the purple flowers.
  8. Next, it’s essential to add the shadows that fall on the table and the left side of the flowers.
  9. Finish by adding details like petals, highlights, and small leaves.

How to paint a flower painting with acrylic paint (Video)

You can watch the following video to see how I worked on my flower painting. You can use other colors and other shapes for the flowers. Subscribe to my channel to see more painting videos and tutorials.

Thank you for watching!
Happy painting!