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Girl in Swing Painting in Watercolors - Pictura cu fata in leagan cu acuarele
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How to – Girl in Swing Painting in Watercolors (Video)

One of the most popular ideas for paintings is to create a girl in swing painting with flowers. I’ve seen this theme in many artists’ galleries and also at many Youtube artists. My girl in swing painting is a bit related to the spring watercolors and even summer watercolors paintings. What I love about a girl in swing painting with flowers is the fact that the whole body is in motion, it’s very dynamic. I have a strong pleasure in drawing flowing hair, and with this kind of art, you can paint the hair flow in all its beauty.

This painting was created with the help of watercolors. The painting is also a part of the painting challenge however I stopped counting the paintings anymore. I wasn’t sure I would commit to painting more, but it feels like I can do it without forcing myself to follow a challenge.


  • paper, I used 180gm
  • pencil for sketching
  • watercolors palette, I used 12 color Reeves, they’re not very expensive and work like a charm
  • brushes

I will explain some of the steps to create a girl in swing painting with flowers. However, you can also watch the video I did for this artwork, below in the article. I started with a pencil sketch. The only thing you need to sketch is the girl in the swing. Next, using a big round brush paint the background with a wet on wet technique. I used blue, red and their mix to create a gradient background. Next, I painted with a hint of white some flowers hanging from the top of the page. It’s supposed to be a tree with flowers. I don’t really know the name of that tree, but you got the point. For the flowers use a mix of white, pink, red and purple. The light in my painting comes from the right so the flowers should be colored accordingly.

Because the whole background and flowers are painted with purple, blue, pink and red, the girl will feature colors like green and yellow. This is supposed to make a big contrast and make the girl stand out. Her gown is flowing in the wind and some areas are not touched entirely by the source of light. Try to paint those areas in a darker shade than the rest of the dress.

Last, but not least, we will add more details to the flowers, to the background and some flowing petals in the wind to accentuate the dynamic.

Watch the girl in swing painting video tutorial

You can watch the video tutorial below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel because I paint every week. Thank you for reading and I hope you like my painting. You can find more watercolor paintings here on my website.  Don’t hesitate to leave me your comments with impressions on this one and what you would like me to paint in the future.

Thank you!