Gouache Painting on Paper - Cosmic Girl Neptun Video tutorial
Gouache Painting - Neptun Girl - Cristina Picteaza
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Neptune Girl – Gouache painting 22/300

Recently I developed a curiosity regarding gouache painting so I decided to give this paint a try. I’ve seen many artists using it for illustrations, botanical art, posters, and pretty much lovely and beautiful artworks. They all stated that they find qualities from both watercolors and acrylics in this medium. So, let me tell you how I ended up using gouache paint. At first, I wanted to buy an easel.

The one I have won’t stay fixed and I must use a small stool to work on it. I wanted to buy a good sturdy easel on which I can work while standing up. Especially because working crocked over my artworks gave me difficult back pain. On the website of a local Romanian art supplies store I noticed sales on easels.I got an easel, but also some gouache paint and white structure paste. I am happy with my easel and I haven’t tried the structure paste yet. The gouache is from a Russian brand, Master Class, extra-fine artists gouache colors. The paint came in a cardboard box in small jars. The gouache colors you find inside are:

  • Titanium white
  • Yellow light
  • Gold ochre
  • Red
  • Madder lake red
  • Violet deep
  • Ultramarine
  • Prussian blue
  • Bright green
  • Deep green
  • Burnt umber
  • Lamp black

The small jars have 40ml of paint, each. I think that it’s a good price because you paint a lot with this quantity. Those watercolor tubes have 12-20 ml and last a lot, so you can paint all your life with these colors and leave them as an inheritance to your kids. And they will paint with them their entire lives too.  Ok, maybe not, but it’s a lot of paint which is cool.

Materials for my first gouache painting

  • Master Class gouache paint
  • watercolor paper
  • brushes
  • pencil for sketch
  • hair-dryer if you want to dry the paint faster (optional)

My first impression on gouache

Gouache Paint - Photo source: amazon.com
Gouache Paint – Photo source: amazon.com

I really wanted to see with my own eyes the qualities of this medium and I was pleased. The fact that you can use wet on wet technique, opaque painting and EVEN paint with a lighter color on top of dark dried color is amazing. I love to paint galaxies and stars, and mostly you can create starts only by painting over black.

I drew a pencil sketch of a cosmic girl holding the planet Neptune. Actually, it could be any other planet in the Universe, since the rings of Neptune are not so obvious. I have a thing for these cosmic beings and their interactions with planets and cosmos. Another example of my works is the girls with the butterflies in acrylics. That is also something with stars and ancestral spirits motive. Another example is the flock of birds flying in the Universe. I have a thing for these creations and these ideas are also filling my dreams and ideas, at night.

You can watch the video tutorial of my gouache painting on Youtube. I have a Youtube channel and you can subscribe. As a matter of fact, I recommend you to subscribe because I am painting new things every week.

Thank you for reading and watching!

See you soon!

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