How to draw a ROSE flower Painting 17/300 – Watercolor
How to draw a rose flower Painting Watercolors - Cristina picteaza - Flori Pictate Trandafir Rosu
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How to draw a ROSE flower Painting 17/300

How to draw a rose flower painting with watercolors? Well, it’s pretty simple and pleasant to paint a rose using watercolors. I also recommend you to look upon the Internet various images with rose flowers and study how the petals and the shape of the flower appears. In order to sketch a beautiful rose drawing, you must experiment drawing it using a pencil. It won’t look amazing from the first try, but with practice, the overall drawing and painting will begin to look pretty.

For this watercolor painting, I skipped my usual watercolor and decided to go for the professional watercolor tubes I have from Phoenix. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this brand is Chinese, because these pigments are high-quality. I was impressed when I first tried them and each painting I create with them is colorful and vibrant.

Let’s see what tools I used for this How to draw a Rose flower video tutorial.

Materials for a rose flower painting:

  • watercolor paper 280g
  • brushes
  • pencil for the sketch
  • watercolors from Phoenix
  • hair-dryer (optional, for drying the painting in between painting layers)

How to draw a rose flower

Begin with a pencil sketch on paper. Don’t press too hard. Otherwise, the paper will ruin. Pay attention to all the highlights and shadows from the reference image. Remember that the petals are curly on the sides and this will make the drawing look more natural. Also, you can play with the shape of the green leaves. In my painting video tutorial, you will notice that the leaves are pointy and curl up and down. These details make the drawing look more artistic.

Begin with layers of paint lighter and go darker with each step. Don’t start with a dark color, unless the painting needs that, like the night sky. If you apply the wet on wet technique, the rose drawing will have a more refined look. Add clear water in various areas of the rose and then apply paint strokes. The watercolor paint will mix in the water and spread in the entire wet area. Pay attention to every detail and embedded it into your painting. Each detail will make the rose flower painting look more pretty and realistic.

I love to use a fine detailer brush in the final stage of the painting. Also, I can accentuate various shadows and create fine details. Hopefully, these explanations are enough for understanding the focal points to learn how to draw a rose flower painting. Next, you can check my watercolor painting video tutorial of a red rose. Take your time and learn how to draw a rose flower, because the watercolor painting is uploaded in real-time.

Rose painting video tutorial


I hope you enjoy my painting video tutorial. Stay tuned because more painting tutorials are on the way.

Thank you!