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How to Draw a Tiger

How to Draw a Tiger – Easy tutorial step by step, learn how to draw a tiger face now. This mini-tutorial will help you learn the basics of animal drawings.

Materials you will need to create a tiger pencil drawing:

  • a regular pencil
  • paper, A4
  • an eraser

Step by step tiger pencil drawing tutorial

  1. Start by drawing a circle. Then draw the ears and the mouth of the tiger.
  2. Next, draw two lines, one vertical and one horizontal that goes through the center of the circle. Also, draw the lines of the neck
  3. Above the horizontal line draw the eyes of the tiger. At the base of the vertical line draw the nose.
  4. Erase the helping lines and add the nose lines. Sketch the face hair of the animals.
  5. Add the shape of the spots. Follow the sketch in the image below to create a more realistic drawing.
  6. Next, erase the circle line and add the details from the eyes, ears, and nose.
  7. The last step is coloring. You can color the tiger any way you like. Enjoy!


I hope this information is useful to you and it will help you learn to draw a tiger in pencil. For more tutorials, I encourage you to subscribe to my Youtube channel. You will find many tutorials about oil, acrylics, and watercolors paintings.

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