How to draw a tree - Tree SKETCH in Pen&Ink - Video tutorial
How to draw a tree in ink - Cristina picteaza
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Tree SKETCH in PEN and INK – How to draw a tree VIDEO Tutorial

Tree drawing with ink!

How to draw a tree, easy, in pen and ink? Check out my advice and my video tutorial

Drawing is not easy for everyone, but with a little help, you can learn how to draw a tree and make a tree sketch in ink. This article will help you learn how to draw a tree in pen and ink.

I love to draw and I love to create details in my drawings. It’s more hard and stressful when I have to create details in oil or acrylics painting, but I love to create details in ink drawings. I love the ink and the permanent black ink is one of my new favorite mediums.

The other days I watched an artist draw trees in watercolors in Japanese style and I liked it. I decided to make a tree drawing in ink and to film the entire process.

Tools I use to show how to draw a tree in ink:

  • sketching paper – I use a big 21 x 29,7 cm (8″ x 11″ inch) with 180 g/m2 – 83 lbs sketchbook. I am very happy with it. I recommend you to use a sketchbook to make all your tree drawings. You will be able to track your improvement from first drawing to the last one.
  • pen – a G pen with no reserve for ink, I just dip it in the ink. You can also use a normal pen, it’s up to you.
  • black ink – permanent black Indian ink from Winsor and Newton (I love this ink) I also use it to create the layout for the watercolors drawings. The ink won’t be diluted by water and it’s more fluid and consistent
  • my phone for filming so I can show you my technique
  • a desk lamp (ok, maybe this one is not so important, haha)

As you can see in the video, I don’t have a plan when I free draw a tree, but I like to keep in mind the way a tree is structured. I always make the branches thicker at the base, and thinner as they go up to the tip. I also drew a little sea, with a yacht in the distance, to enrich the drawing.

When it comes to the leaves, I start with the ones at the top of the branches but don’t go with them down to the base of the branches. When you draw these sketches you could also use photo references to observe how each element of your tree, flower or other objects are structured.

Tips on how to draw a tree:

You should start with the trunk of the tree and go up with the branches when beginning your tree sketch.

To create more volume to a rather flat sketch, you can also add more details and shadows on the side of the objects. I did this on the right side of the tree and on the right side of the boat.  This is how to draw a tree in ink. Anyway, inking a tree is not very difficult, especially since the lines you create with a pen are so thin and smooth.

What I noticed is that people tend to make the trees straight and rugged, but the trees are not so edgy. The branches have curvy lines combined with straight lines.

On the following, I will publish the video I posted on Youtube with the tutorial about how to draw a tree in ink. I hope you find it useful and relaxing.

Video tutorial on how to draw a tree:

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I hope you enjoyed my article about how to ink a tree and if you liked it. Hopefully, I helped you learn something new about drawing or inking and this information will help you with your projects or hobbies. This article is not the single one of this kind. You can also see my article about how to make a puppy drawing. There is also a video about how I did the drawing.

It’s easy and I think you can learn how to make a tree sketch, too. You just need a little practice and ambition.
Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day!