How to draw Naruto face (Video) – Step by step tutorial
How to draw Naruto face - Cristina Painting

How to draw Naruto face (Video)

Learn how to draw Naruto face using this step by step tutorial. Below you will see each step of the drawing and we will also watch a video tutorial of my attempts at drawing Naruto. For drawing Naruto Uzumaki, we need a few materials and some patience.

Personally, I did not get the drawing right from the first drawing, but I like to practice until I get it right.

For this drawing of Naruto we will need a few materials:

  • paper
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • marker (optional)

How to draw Naruto step by step

  1. Start by drawing a circle, this will be the base of the head
    how to draw naruto
  2. We draw a verticle line right in the middle of the circle. We will use this line to split the head in two and create symmetrical elements. Its length should be almost double the circle’s diameter.
    how to draw naruto
  3. We connect the sides of the circle with the extremity of the line, like in the image. Erase the part of the circle like in the image.
    how to draw naruto
  4. We draw the eyes
    how to draw naruto
  5. We continue drawing the nose and lips and erase the vertical line.
    how to draw naruto
  6. We draw two horizontal lines for the headband and we draw in some bangs.
    how to draw naruto
  7. We add the brows, whiskers and the hair
    how to draw naruto
  8. We finish the drawing adding more details, like the collar and stuff.
    Naruto face

How to draw Naruto – step by step video tutorial

On the following, we will watch a video tutorial of my Naruto drawing. I also included in this video the first attempts I did using a marker. Watch until the end to see the final result. I simply wanted you to see that it takes time and work until you get a drawing done. Sometimes it looks great from the first attempt, but most of the times it needs a lot of hard work.

You can see a lot of other drawings on my YouTube channel, so I invite you to subscribe to it.

For now, let’s watch my “How to draw Naruto” tutorial.