How to paint tulips in acrylics on canvas

Hello! Let’s learn how to paint tulips in acrylics on canvas panel. We have also prepared a real-time video tutorial of the entire painting process to help you create a beautiful painting with a vase of tulips. This painting took us around 2 hours to complete, however we took a break in between the painting steps, which we recommend you too. It is beneficial to take breaks so you can look at the painting from a new perspective and see what you can add or improve about your artwork.

Before diving into how to paint tulips in acrylics process, we need to know what materials we should use. Let’s check it out and learn what we can use.

Materials for acrylics tulips:

  • canvas panel 40 cm x 30 cm;
  • brushes of various sizes;
  • palette to mix the colors;
  • water container to rinse the brushes;
  • acrylics paint, we used Maimeri and Van Bleiswijck paints;
  • paper towel to remove extra water or paint from brushes.
Lalele referinta:

The steps of creating acrylics paintings are relatively simple. You can start by painting the background in a darker and neutral color, or you can paint a sketch of the tulips vase and then start adding color. We preferred the second method. Our recommendation is to use a reference image in order to better create shadows and shapes. We used an image from, which features a vase full of tulips over a dark background.

Add layer of colors and do not settle for a single tone, use more shades and variations of the came color to create a beautiful painting: red, pink, light pink, purple and more. The background should also contain various darker shades of colors.

Video tutorial of how to paint tulips in acrylics

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Enough talking, let’s get started and see the tutorial video of how to paint a vase of tulips using acrylic paint and a canvas panel:

Thank you for visiting us and we hope that this article served you well and helped you paint beautiful flowers.

Have a nice day and we wish you happy painting!

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