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Romantic Hug - Digital Painting

Romantic Hug – Digital Painting (Video)

This year, for Valentine’s Day, I worked on a digital painting. This is an artwork I also included in my list of Painting challenge pieces. I want my painting challenge list to include all the artworks I am working on this year. Since I started to learn digital painting along with traditional, I want to document this process as well. I know my artworks are not yet very good, I want to include every step I take. I want this blog to also be a personal blog where I can talk about each art piece I create.

Some will be very bad and simple, but I believe that each beginner mistake is an important step in the process. I feel that this is a good thing and if someone out there is doubting themselves, I want them to see that other people too started from the bottom. You can’t begin creating art and automatically be good at it. This is an entire evolutive process.

Digital painting for Valentine’s Day

Digital painting - Photo source:
Digital painting – Photo source:

I know it’s a bit late now, but I worked on a romantic digital painting a week ago. The video was up on my Youtube channel, but I didn’t document it on my blog. I like to document each artwork with a video, so anything I will work on will appear on Youtube first. So, subscribe to my channel to find about them early on.

For this romantic digital painting, I used a graphics tablet I received around 7 years ago. I know it’s been a long time, but it’s still very good. The tablet is from Trust and you can see it following this link. However, I don’t think they are still manufacturing it. But you might still find it at some shops. It’s not one of those new display tablets, but it’s good for learning. I wish I would have one of those display tablets. It must be amazing to work on those.

How to do a digital painting?

I search for reference images on or They offer free copyright images and you can use them in your blogs. I prefer to use them as a reference, mostly. This is the image I picked for this romantic hug digital painting. I never pick images that don’t sparkle some emotion in me.

After choosing the image, I import it in Adobe Illustrator with the Place command and set it as Template. Next step is to create a lineart layer with the blob brush. This tool lets me use the pressure function of the graphics pen.

Next, I like to use the pencil tool and fill the colors in the artwork. I use a medium base color. The last step is to use the same tool and create shadows and highlights.

Digital painting video

I invite you to watch the speed-painting video of my romantic hug artwork. I hope you like it and I invite you to leave a comment with your impressions.

Thank you!