Impressionist Paintings in Palette Knife - Impressionist seascape
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Impressionist Seascape Paintings – Impressionist Paintings in Palette Knife

Impressionist Paintings will always make you say “Wow”

What is there not to love about impressionist paintings? Impressionism is an art movement brought to life in the 19th century. It’s defined by small brush strokes, open compositions, and accentuation of light. Among the fathers of this beautiful art movement, we encounter Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, and Paul Cezanne. It bloomed in Paris, and soon it spread in all Europe and the United States.

I am impressed if I can say so, by the impressionist paintings I’ve seen all my life. The strong and pure paint strokes from the landscape or seascape paintings are always delightful. I tried too to create impressionist paintings in palette knife: seascape and landscape paintings. I always painted the Sun in all of my impressionist paintings and I always got a warm fuzzy feeling from them.

I want to share with you my impressionist painting in palette knife I worked on the last year.

How impressionist painting in palette knife made me confident

I could say that for me, learning to paint with a palette knife was like discovering the secret of the Universe. After learning to use the oil color and the palette knife, a new world opened up before me.

At first, I was impressed by an American-Israeli painter, Leonid Afremov. His impressionist seascape paintings tutorials made me wish to paint like him. I bought two palette knives and I learned how to paint with a palette knife the easy way. I say the easy way because his video tutorial is extremely easy to follow. And I loved it.

After learning the oil painting basics and how to paint with a palette knife, I made several paintings. Many were sold to friends and relatives. Although Impressionism is an old painting style, the paintings are still on demand.

Impressionist forest paintings

Impressionist paintings - Forest
Impressionist paintings – Not available

My first impressionist painting is a small artwork I did on a canvas following step by step Leonid’s tutorials. It features an autumn forest in the sunset. The colors are vibrant and warm. I had many people desiring this painting and it was eventually sold to someone from Romania.

This painting made me happy because I realized I could do more than I am capable of. It really made me push my mental limitations.

Even if the price I got was a small one, I feel like the experience was priceless. This made understand I can accomplish more than I can think of.

Impressionist paintings - Park
Impressionist paintings – Park – Not available

Another painting I did at the beginning of my experience with knife painting techniques is a couple walking in the park. This is also a painting that is highly appreciated. The CEO from the company I was working for bought this painting. I was very nervous to give away this artwork because I wasn’t sure if it would be liked. But everything went better than expected.

Autumn in forest by Cristina Iordache - Available
Autumn in the forest

The couple walking in the forest towards the light represents another impressionist landscape painting I worked on, this year.

It’s very similar to the first one, but the colors I used are slightly cooler, so the overall feeling is that the autumn is changing into winter.

This painting wasn’t claimed by anyone yet, so it’s still available. If you like any of these artworks don’t hesitate to drop me an email from the Contact page. I’ll be more than happy to offer you information on any of my paintings.

Impressionist paintings - Japan
Impressionist paintings – Japan

A slightly different impressionist painting is this one where I tried to recreate a Japanese landscape in oil paint on canvas.

I am not very pleased with this result, but those who have seen it are quite impressed. My sister, in particular, likes it very much. But she likes everything I do and I am forever grateful for her support.

But, like I always like to say, I will try again and do better. So, hopefully, next time it will look better. Beside these paintings, I made another landscape painting using a palette knife. That piece was a gift for my mother in law.

Impressionist seascape paintings

Impressionist seascape paintings
Impressionist seascape paintings

In my impressionist paintings series, like in any other series of paintings, you will always find seascape paintings. I love these paintings because painting the sea brings me a lot of peace.

I also painted this one using the palette knife techniques I mentioned before. I also love drawing ships and I included a big ship in this paintings. You can see more of my ship drawings in my other articles. In this article, you can also view video tutorials of my drawing in pen and ink. If you have the basis of a simple ship drawing, you can implement it in any artwork of yours.

Ship Painting in Oil
Ship Painting in Oil

Beside this painting, I also worked on a mermaid painting in oil and a painting with a large ship on the sea.

I am happy with my improvement in palette knife technique and impressionist paintings. Looking now at all these paintings make me feel happy. Sometimes I feel like this hobby works like an art therapy for me.

For tutorials about creating paintings like these, you can always subscribe to my Youtube channel, because I am posting regularly video tutorials. For example, the other day I published a palette knife techniques video. You can watch it below.

Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day!

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  • Ralph Matthew Laenger

    I love your paintings, I’ve always wanted to learn how to paint impressionistic style, I love Monet your work is very great too