Impressionist Watercolor Painting - Fall Landscape – Cristina is Painting
Impressionist watercolor painting - fall landscape - Peisaj de Toamna Pictat
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Impressionist Watercolor Painting – Fall Landscape

Impressionist Watercolor Painting – Fall Landscape – Learn to paint an easy impressionist painting using cheap watercolors and paper. Autumn is colorful and we all love the warm colors, the parks fulls of leaves and the romantic rainy days. To capture the feeling of those comfy fall days, I painted today an impressionist watercolor painting featuring a fall landscape in the forest.

The materials I used are cheap ones and anyone can find them and afford them.

  • watercolor pallet Staedtler
  • watercolor paper block, A4 paper
  • various brushes
  • pencil for the sketch (optional)
  • tape to keep the paper from curling

Starting from these materials, we begin drawing and painting our autumn painting in watercolors. We start by adding yellow to the center of the paper. From that point, we add orange, red, purple and blue, in this order. This way, we will try to create a gradient of warm colors that focus on the center.

Follow the video below, and add strokes of paint between the layers. Mix red and orange, or yellow and orange.

After creating this lovely colorful background, draw the trees. The ones that are in front of the yellow and orange should be lighter in color. Use for those, ocher and light brown. As you paint the trees to the sides of the paper, add more brown, black and blue. Also, make the shapes wider and bigger, since they are closer to the viewer.

To see the video, check below and subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first one to see the painting lessons I will be publishing. And, for more impressionist paintings, see this post about my oil and acrylics impressionist paintings.

Impressionist watercolor painting video tutorial

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