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Lavender Field gouache painting
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Lavender Field Gouache Painting (Video)

One of the last paintings I did in February, this year is a lavender field gouache painting. I am not extremely happy with the result, but as I said before, I prefer to document each step and mistake on my painting blog. Even if this lavender field gouache painting is not looking great, I think it’s worth mentioning it.

It’s also a part of the Painting Challenge from this year, so let’s see what materials I used to create this small gouache painting.

Materials for the lavender field  gouache painting:

  • paper for painting, 180gm
  • brushes
  • gouaches – Master Class, extra-fine artist gouache colors
  • pencil for a little sketch
  • hair-dryer if you need to dry the layers of paint (optional)

I started painting with gouache only recently, so I am still not used with it. My tendencies are to use gouache in a similar fashion with watercolors. So you will notice in the video tutorial of this lavender field gouache painting, that I am working wet on wet most of the time. However, the painting is very loose, so it’s not very difficult to create an artwork like this.

There is not so much to explain about this painting. So here is the video tutorial you can find on my Youtube Channel.  I am painting several times per week, so you will always find at least one video of mine every week. Thank you for reading!

Have a great day!