"Lavender Sky" Pink Sky painting in acrylic 14/300 – Video tutorial
Pink sky - lavender sky in acrylics
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“Lavender Sky” Pink Sky painting in acrylic 14/300

How to create a lavender sky with acrylic paint?

Creating a pink sky on paper using acrylic or even watercolor is very easy. I tried this technique in a previous acrylic painting on canvas the other days. That painting is called “Sail away!”. It was the first time trying to create a lavender sky with acrylics and I loved the result. So, this time I am making a post only about the technique of creating soft clouds in acrylics on a purple sky.

This is the 14th painting from my Painting Challenge, but I am planning on also creating other oil and gouache painting for this challenge. So stay close because a lot of new paintings and ideas are on the way.

The tools I used for this pink sky painting are the following:

  • acrylics (I usually use Maimeri acrylic paint): primary red magenta, primary blue cyan, white, a lot of titanium white
  • brushes
  • paper (for this one I used watercolor paper, but any other painting paper is just as good)
  • masking tape (to preserve a white frame around the painting, on paper; If you work on canvas you don’t need this)
  • water
  • a good mood and happy feelings

How I created the lavender sky painting

I mixed independently and in various portion blue, red and white. The basic idea is to create distinguished areas of pale pink, pale blue, pale purple and pale lavender. So, you will have to play around with the colors and create mixtures.

Apply the paint on the paper in such a way that you have blue and pink areas adjacent. Use a wet brush to blend the borders between the colors. If the color dried on the paper, use a wash of white to blend the two colors and cover with a new wash of pink or blue. What is this wash of color you might ask yourself? When you dilute the paint with a lot of water, you will get something similar with watercolors, a very transparent color. Use this dilution to blend the borders and create a gradient, because it’s so watery you can blend the border without covering the first layer of paint.

The pink sky should look nice by now. You can also help yourself with the video I attached in this article. You can see how I did the lavender painting. It’s not very difficult.

Next, you will paint the clouds. Basically, I use only white paint and wash of white for this step. I start with the top of the clouds. Because they are closer to the sun they are lighter on top. I use undiluted paint to create the top and use washes of white as I go lower in their shape. To create a realistic representation, you can observe a photo of clouds. Because I wanted my pink sky to be a little whimsical, I also added some stars and sparkly stars, but you can create whatever you like.

The video tutorial

If my explanations were not enough, you can also see the video tutorial of this lavender sky painting. I hope it helps and inspires you. Also, you can also subscribe to my Youtube channel because I am creating a lot of painting videos.

Thank you and see you soon!