Romantic Watercolor Painting - Lavender Kiss for Valentine's Day
Romantic watercolor painting
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Lavender Kiss – Romantic Watercolor Painting 21/300

I wanted to create a beautiful romantic watercolor painting with this Valentine’s Day occasion so I settled on a lavender scenery. This the 21st painting in my Painting challenge series and it represents Valentine’s Day painting. I know it should represent something loving and sweet, but I am not in the right mood now. I love lavender and it’s benefits for sleep. So my idea of this painting is more related to an unrealistic and dreamy idea. So, don’t relate it too much with this mainstream occasion.

And that’s because this scenery and characters as you see them, represent a dream. It’s not related to my relationship or my actual real life, but to something beyond reality. Lavender is good for sleep and this lavender scenery is a place in the night dreams. The place where your deepest dreams are alive and real. That’s why her dress is yellow and bright. She is the embodiment of a restless and joyful soul that achieved its dreams and goals. He is the embodiment of the twin flame soul we are searching for all our lives. This is a projected image of the deepest desires. I don’t know if I will ever touch them or get close,  but they will always exist and strive to see the daylight.

Romantic watercolor painting tools:

  • watercolors palette
  • brushes
  • watercolor paper 280gsm
  • hair-dryer (optional)
  • water
  • colored pencils & markers (optional)

What is important when you create a painting is to create a contrast of the colors. In my romantic watercolor painting, I choose to put together purple and yellow. Purple activates creativity, wisdom, nobility, magic, and sensitivity. Yellow is activating energy, positivism, clarity, honesty, and loyalty. They are two colors that work well together since they’re complementary.

I loved the pose of a couple on the Internet so I used a reference image for that.  You can draw whatever pose you love. Other great color combinations are blue and orange, red and green. I will attach the video here on the page. Also, if you like it don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, because I am posting lots of new painting videos.