Mental Health and Art therapy – How to treat mental problems with ART
Mental health
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Mental Health and Art therapy

Mental health is as important as physical health

If you’re reading this it means you are looking for a way to relieve your mental problems or the problems of people important to you. Don’t worry, I too used to blindly wander in that chaotic world so I understand you. In my humble opinion, mental health is equally important like body health. Sometimes it’s even more important.

When you don’t tend to the problems of the mind and heart, their root grows into a poisonous ivy and affect your overall health. Most of the diseases and illness we face today have deep roots into our subconscious mind and mental health. I used to suffer from chronic stress and this affected my stomach but also developed ovarian cysts and hair-loss. It’s not like I diagnosed myself and said, “Yes, stressed caused me all these problems!”. I went to the doctor and made various blood analysis and tests to receive this diagnose. The stress, anxiety, and depression affected my mental health and my overall health. I used to do annual health check-ups. Prior to the time when I had to undergo a long period of anxiety and stress the results were very good. However, after those years, my health damaged.

Yes! Mental health is very important and taking proper care of your mind should be a priority. The same way you eat fruits for vitamins, drink enough water to keep your body well-hydrated and sleep enough hours to stay healthy, you should cater to your mental health.

Taking care of your mind using art therapy

First of all, when you are facing mental problems it’s important to address them to a doctor. The same way you ask for a consultation when you get a cold or feel sick, you should also call a doctor when you feel mentally troubled. The doctors will prescribe you proper medication and ways to relieve the problems.

But besides all these, you should include in your lifestyle activities that will decrease the stress, depression or anxiety levels. It’s important to realize that a healthier lifestyle will improve your wellbeing and your mental health.

You can start walking in nature more, practicing a sport, listening more to music, meditating or dancing. But I found that art therapy is very good for the mind. The small act of focusing on a piece of paper, a white canvas, a piece of clay or a musical instrument can shift your mind from your overthinking or dark thoughts.

Art therapy will help you boost your creativity, your self-esteem because you create something, and you will access a new experience. Stepping out of your current state of mind and experiencing something new can help you break the mental obstacle. Because, if you are depressed, stressed or anxious and remain in the same situation, nothing will help you unless you open up to a new concept. The fact that your mental focus will shift from the center of your head on the canvas, will help you a lot. It will feel like you step out of your head and enter the canvas or the clay.

Why do I talk about mental problems?

I included this topic on my art blog because I want to address those people who feel like I felt. And even though I had nobody to talk to, I want them to know that other people understand them and are here. I know how it feels to be self-locked in your head and not being able to escape your own prison. People from outside will try to get you out, but they can’t because the door is locked from inside. You got the key to unlock it and take a look outside. Because getting out of your head all of a sudden can make you more afraid of being outside. And it’s ok to be sad, but it’s not ok not to fight for your right to be happy. I believe in the warrior potential of every human being. No matter how weak they might feel, they still have enough power to conquer those inner demons.

There’s a saying, “When an egg cracks from outside it’s the end, but when it cracks from inside, that’s when the life begins”. So, in order to get better, you need to escape your mental prison by yourself. It doesn’t matter if exterior forces put you there in your prison, it matters that you can save yourself from it.

And it doesn’t matter what methods you choose to help you, art therapy, music therapy, travel, dance or simply talking with your friends as long as you decide to be your own knight in shiny armor and save yourself. Look, you can try any of these items I listed here: 100 art therapy exercises, but you should build up your will, first. I tried art therapy and it helped me, and not because it’s some miraculous cure, but because I built up the will to save myself and move on.

I believe you can be your own hero, too.


(Cover image: Photo by Marko Blazevic from Pexels)