merry christmas wishes

Merry Christmas Wishes from an Artist

My Merry Christmas wishes

I’ve been terribly busy these days and I could publish no new posts about my artworks. The thing is I didn’t work on anything art related. I was busy with Christmas preparations. Still, I want to make a few Merry Christmas wishes to anyone coming around my website.

My Merry Christmas wishes for you are the following:

  • I wish everyone finds their purpose in the next year and start walking on their journey. There is nothing more consuming than doing something you are not supposed to be doing. Fulfilling your purpose is the greatest thing to do, on this earth. I wish you do your purpose and to do it with greatness.
  • Also, I hope these merry moments find you more peaceful and if it finds you angsty or nervous, I hope it reveals a way for you. I hope it reveals a way that will lead you to peace and joy.
  • What I yearn for, is spending time with my family. Hence,  I wish you all find time and space to meet your family and enjoy quality moments with them. You will see that in the end, no success is greater than the one you can share with your loved ones. So, in your journey to success, don’t forget to give a call to your sweet granny or to visit your dad. Your mom will be incredibly happy to hug you and see you’re fine. It will bring tears in their eyes to see you. And if your relationships are not so well, find peace and compassion in your heart to forgive what’s in the past and reconcile with them.
  • Another important point to check on the Merry Christmas wishes list is spending time with your friends. Call your close and kind friends and spend some time with them. Try to lose the toxic people and situations from your life and choose what is positive and uplifting. So I wish you great friends and happy moments with them.
  • I am not going to tell you the Merry Christmas wishes related to physical gifts, but if you are in need and a gift will help you live a normal life, I hope this magical spirit of the Christmas to grant you that wish.


Cristina Iordache - Merry Christmas Wishes
Cristina Iordache – Merry Christmas Wishes

My Merry Christmas wishes I want this year are:

  • I hope I will be able to deal with any obstacle I will find in my way to glory and success.
  • Another wish is to be able to stay healthy and sane. I want this to come true for anyone and everywhere.
  • I wish I have the power to conquer anything and achieve my best version.
  • And there are a few more things that I wish, but I usually think about them for the New Year’s resolutions list.

So, these are my Merry Christmas wishes for this year. I am curious what are your wishes if you want you can write me a comment and tell me about them.

Merry Christmas!

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